IBDP Admissions Policy

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a pre-university programme aimed at developing students’ academic, including reasearch skills, as well as strengthening their character and engaging in the society. Its ultimate objective is to develop a learner as an inquirer and carrier of the IB learner profile, and to prepare him/her for further study at the university level and career. IBDP is a challenging programme and includes a broad spectrum of courses and learning activities. In order to create and maintain high standard of education in the programme at Han Academy (hereinafter, the School), this Policy is in force when selecting students for study under IBDP.


1. Eligibility criteria for placement in IBDP
1.1 In order to be offered a place in the IBDP at the School, a student, either directly from Year 11 (graduating year of Cambridge Secondary 2 IGCSE at the School) or another school, is to have both English language and Mathematics subjects completed.

1.2. The minimum requirement for English language and Mathematics is a grade of ‘C’ (on a ‘A*’-‘F’ scale) or 60% (on a 0-100% scale) for the pre-IBDP academic year. However, students willing to take IBDP Mathematics at Higher Level (HL) are eligible to do so only if their previous year mathematics grade was at least at the ‘B’ level, or 70%, respectively.

1.3 In exceptional case, a student can be accepted into IBDP on a conditional basis if the grade for English language and/or Mathematics is equivalent to 50% and the student shows an improvement during Term 1 of the programme (in Y12) and achieves the minimum requirement for the ‘C’ grade. There is no exception in regards to Mathematics HL requirement.

2. Maintaining the IBDP student status
2.1 All IBDP students must maintain good academic standing throughout both years of studing in the programme. In particular, performance in no subject can be below the ‘C’ grade level. Besides, a student is to show satisfactory progress in Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS).

2.2 In case a student’s academic performance over a semester results in grades lower than ‘C’, but not below ‘D’, and not for more than for two subjects, the student will be placed under probation for one semester, at the end of which the overall grade for the subject(s) is to reach the minimum specified under 2.1 above.

2. 3 In case a student does not meet the minimum requirements, as specified under 2.1 and 2.2, (s)he will lose the IBDP student status and can continue studying in the programme for an IB subject certificate(s).

3. Procedure of Placement in IBDP
3.1 All students of Year 11 at the School are offered an opportunity to study in IBDP, provided they meet the minimum requirements, as mentioned above. The School’s IBDP is open for external candidates as well, provided their previous academic performance/profile meets the minimum requirements, as mentioned above and they meet the requirements of the School’s Admissions Policy.


3.2 Throughout Year 11, the IBDP Coordinator of the School conducts regular meeting with Year 11 students aimed at providing them with foundation information on the programme, as well as on the minimum requirements for placement in it and on maintaining the IBDP student status.


3.3. Shortly after the student annual performance results of Year 11 are available, the School offers each eligible student (based on the minimum criteria set above) admission to IBDP at the School.


3.4 During the last four weeks of Year 11, the IBDP Coordinator meets each Year 11 student and discusses preliminary subject choices, based on the student’s learning needs and expectations, and also the subject range offered by the School.


3.5 An external applicant can be directly placed in Year 12 only before the end of Term 1 of Year 12. After this deadline, any external applicant can be admitted to IBDP at the School only if the subjects taken under IBDP at another school exactly match subject choices provided by the School, with exception of IBDP Group 1 subject (first language). Same principle is in force in regard to admission to Year 13 (second year of IBDP) for external applicants.


3.6 Students of Year 12 (IBDP Year 1) are provided with a grace period of 10 school days to make their final selection of subjects in the programme, subject to approval by IBDP Coordinator, who can discuss the subject choices with parents/guardians of students. After the grace period no change of IBDP subjects is permitted.


3.7 Each student has a right to drop from IBDP. However, the School encourages students, who show sufficient academic capability, to stay in the full programme and provides a guidance to them.


3.8 In case a student decides to drop from IBDP, the IB DP Coordinator should consult with the student’s subject teachers and parent(s)/guardian, before proceeding with the request.


3.9 Students who formally drop from IBDP (the full programme) are not permitted to restore their previous IBDP status.