Student Grant



  •  Tuition fee

Applicants who have successfully applied the Student Grant can receive various degrees of tuition fee exemption. The specific degree of the exemption depends on the family income situation and the student's performance.


  • Capital Contribution Scheme

Starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, all students of Han Academy are required to participate in the Capital Contribution Scheme. Students who receive the Student Grant may be exempt from participating in the school building program.


  • Miscellaneous and other expenses

Students who have successfully applied for the financial aid will not automatically get the miscellaneous and other expenses fee deduction. If the family encounters difficulties in paying these fees and needs additional funding, please clearly indicate on the financial aid application form. Applications will be reviewed and considered by the Han Academy Student Grant Committee. If approved, parents will be notified separately.



Application Procedures


The application is accepted throughout the year. Both students of all grades or applicants for admission can apply. The financial aid will be issued by the Han Academy Student Grant Committee according to the family's financial needs. Han Academy Student Grant Committee has the final decision. (Simultaneous applications for both Scholarship and Student Grant are not accepted)



How to apply 


  1. The applicant for the financial aid must be the student's parent or their legal guardian.
  2. The completed application form and supporting documents (see below) must be mailed or submitted in person to the School Office of Han Academy, or email the scanned copy to
  3. If the required information and supporting documents are not provided, the application will not be processed.
  4. If necessary, the committee will conduct interviews or home visits with the applicant.



Required supporting documents 


  1. Salaries tax bills issued by the Inland Revenue Department of the applicant and spouse in the last two years;
  2. Proof of balance of all bank deposits in the name of the applicant and spouse.