Staff Profile/Science Department


Michael Courtney

I have been a teacher for over 20 years. I have taught various subjects during my career but mainly Science. I have worked in the UK, Spain and China. Most of my students use English as a Second Language so I have lots of experience in developing ways to help them communicate better.


My educational philosophy is:


1. To develop the attitude of lifelong learner so young people learn new skills and techniques beyond the classroom so they can succeed in life.


2. To take all the facts and different points of views to make their own conclusions and judgment based on their knowledge and understanding.


3. To ensure that the students have a good basic knowledge of Science and Mathematics by the time they finish school, for example in terms of care for their bodies and awareness of the environment.


4. To be able to work both independently and in teams to solve problems whilst sharing and listening to other people’s ideas.


5. To understand the issues affecting our lives in Hong Kong and extrapolate this in a whole world context.


6. To use competently many varied ways of communicating their thoughts, in at least 2 languages.


7. To use our strengths, to help others, and be aware of our weaknesses, so we can learn from our mistakes.


I am looking forward to contributing in our growing school. I am confident with all stakeholders input we can achieve great things and a happy caring fun environment for our students to learn.