Staff Profile/English Language Department


Nicola Rae Li

Drama can change lives! A bold statement to make but one that I am committed to and continue to preach. How do I know this? Because it happened to me. Drama gave me the confidence and self esteem that I needed to believe in myself and go into the world with a vision, energy and confidence rarely learnt from any other subject and this is what I have seen happen to many of my students too.


I came to Hong Kong 12 years ago upon graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England. My primary role was to use Applied Theatre to teach English - a very successful, engaging and enjoyable way to learn a language. Since then I have witnessed my students gain self-confidence and become creative and critical thinkers. They have grown into talented performers, skilled script-writers and expert problem solvers. They have aced 'Trinity Speech and Drama' exams, achieved awards from the 'Hong Kong Drama Festival' and been inspired and appreciative of the arts through participating in the popular 'Young Friend of the Hong Kong Arts Festival' programme.


The plethora of skills learnt through the study of drama will take you far beyond school life. For example, developing team spirit and trust between your peers; building up self-confidence and triggering self-motivation; expanding your creativity and comprehending life itself. Alongside understanding and appreciating language, literature and the arts.


For me, the departments of Drama and English sit hand in hand with one another. Through these subjects, communication and understanding can be developed. The ability to present ideas through speech, engage people through writing and inspire people through literature is what I aim to deliver through my teaching.


My educational philosophy lies firmly in my belief that all students are capable of learning and with enough support, guidance and reassurance all of my students can reach their full potential. I believe education should be engaging, participatory and enjoyable and I aim to instil in my students that learning is a life-long feat. It is one to be enjoyed, cherished and never-ending.


I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for Drama and English with students at Han Academy.