Staff Profile/Creative Arts Department


Benji Ng

I was the kid who never left a wall blank. It was, in a way, a convenient revelation of my calling and my approach to the world. Dining out with my parents meant making sculptures out of food scraps and sauces and a fun evening. Travelling and actively seeking new experiences keep the mind open. And Art is a language that transcends the complexity of verbal communication and shows a humanity that has more commonality over differences, bringing people together. After 25 years, 27 countries and countless museum visits, I take pride in bringing a childlike curiosity, artistic sensibility and global perspective to students at Han Academy.


Since my primary school days, I have been an active participant of art exhibitions, inter-school music festivals, choir competitions and joint school drama showcases. In a joint school production during my days at King's College, acting and dancing brought courage and learning how to street dance as part of my character definitely forged strength and perseverance. In Li Po Chun United World College, where I chose Visual Arts as an International Baccalaureate subject, I assumed the role of Director of Chinese Cultural Evening Director, translating those skills into directing, scriptwriting and choreographing. I completed my Bachelor's degree double majoring in Arts and Communication at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where I was awarded a graduation show for my art thesis. Upon graduation, I gained experience working with international artists such as British legendary painter David Hockney at L.A Louver Gallery and local sculptors David Wiseman and Stephen Glassman.


I look forward to working with the next generation of global citizens.