Staff Profile/Humanities Department


Dr. Hu Jingfei

I was born in a teachers' family in Hangzhou. My father, who never wastes a single hour on business other than his research, was the best role model during my childhood, when I inherited a habit of reading from him. After primary school graduation, I was admitted by Hangzhou Foreign Language School, one of the best secondary schools in my home town. Thanks to my devoted and inspiring teachers and classmates, I was able to build a solid foundation in both Chinese and English. Since then, the respect and passion for Chinese and Western classics have become an important and persistent component of my life.


Majoring in Economics during the undergraduate studies at Zhejiang University, I was fascinated by insightful theoretic models and their applications in the real life. Highly motivated by my research interest, I carried out several studies and some of them led to publications in top-ranked academic journals in my junior and senior years.  After the graduation with distinction, I was accepted by the Mphil. programme in education at the University of Hong Kong with the full scholarship and upgraded to the Ph.D programme one year after.  During my postgraduate studies, I conducted many field studies and interviewed a large number of school principals as well as educational policy makers. All these experiences have not only helped me build a solid academic foundation, but have also enabled me to apply the conceptual ideas into practice.


After obtaining my Ph.D. degree in education, I started my teaching in a private girls' school in Toronto, where I spent the following eight years. I was able to incorporate my aspiration, my academic training, and my passion into the teaching activities. Teaching in a multi-cultural setting within a Canadian school was a challenging yet enjoyable experience for me who had never studied and taught outside Asia before. During these years, I had also been relentlessly teaching the Chinese and Western classics to the CBC (Canada born Chinese) children, delivering my most cherished and respected spiritual treasures to the next generation. In my teaching practice, I developed a student-centred pedagogy with an emphasis that teacher's guidance and support should serve to stimulate and develop students' own interest. In addition, I have always been self-evaluating my teaching: Which new ideas can I adopt to improve my teaching? How can I engage my students better? How can the essence of human civilisation be passed on to the next generation through my hands and take roots in their hearts?


During these years of learning and teaching, I have been passionate to share my love of reading with others. I have compiled a number of reading lists on different subjects for different age groups and distributed them to students and parents, in order to boost the children's habit of reading. I hope the habit would help them lay a strong foundation for their future academic training in each subject; and I also hope that the reading itself unfolds the way to make a youngster a knowledgeable, compassionate, intelligent, and responsible citizen who will shoulder her social responsibility and make the world a better place.


It is my privilege to join Han Academy with such a excellent group of colleagues. Serving as the head librarian at ''the place closest to the paradise'' will continue my mission and share my enthusiasm with students. My short-term mission is to teach students how to search and use information, to read through different approaches, and to develop independent research abilities based on collected information and materials. My long-term goal is to ignite more passions with my own passion and to impact more souls with my own soul. All this will hopefully take place in the library, our spiritual hub and harbour of Han Academy.