Staff Profile/Mathematics Department


Katrina Wong

Stepping into my eighth year of teaching, I'm excited to see what challenges and opportunities await me at Han Academy. After receiving my degree in Elementary Education (Mathematics) at The College of New Jersey, USA, and earning my teacher certificates in Elementary Education (K-5) and Mathematics Education (K-12), I have the opportunity to teach mathematics in the middle school and high school settings for seven years in New Jersey, USA. Mathematics is one of the difficult subjects for students because math concepts can be very abstract. I believe the best way for students to learn math is to use hands-on manipulatives and let students explore and discover math concepts rather than rote memorization and drilling. However, for younger students, such as those in Y1 to Y3, rote memorization and constant drilling are still essential because students need to build a strong foundation before advancing to more challenging topics. I hope that through my engaging lessons and student-based method of teaching, students can overcome their fear with mathematics and enjoy learning math together with me.