Staff Profile/Mathematics Department


Michael Wang

In 1981, I was admitted to Nanjing Normal University. The rich cultural and spiritual pursuit of the university has cultivated me to become a maths teacher of sound academic foundation as well as high professionalism.


Upon graduation in 1984, I worked in Suining Senior Middle School, a key Middle School in Jiangsu Province, teaching maths to students from G7 to G12. During the time, I have tutored and helped my students to win numerous prizes of the National Mathematics Olympiad (NMO). I myself was also recognised nationwide as one of the best directors of NMO.


From 1996 to 2001, I worked in Guangdong Country Garden School. While I was devoting most of my time to the G12 students to achieve desirable scores for the National College Entrance Examination, I also built a strong team for the NMO. Again, many of my students won the first prize after a period of training. From 2001 to 2003, I was promoted as the chief director of maths subject in the IB section of the school. Embracing the new concepts and the curriculum, I took an active part in the IBDP training. My endeavour did not only benefit my own professionalism, but also enriched my students in their understanding of the balance between the holistic education and a personal specialty.

Meanwhile, I have never stopped self improvement. I studied Science of Educational Management in Beijing Normal University and obtained the diploma, adding more strength to my teaching practice.


From 2003 to 2017, I have been the chief maths teacher in Shunde No.1 Middle School, another key school in Guangdong Province, renewing my passion for maths teaching. Currently I am the vice chairman of Shunde Maths Studies Committee, the co-ordinator of Project of Science Education by the Ministry of Education and the co-ordinator of the Mathematics League USA, Fo Shan Region.