Staff Profile/Chinese Department


Andy Zhao

The clouds drifted away... Silently, the moonlight creeps into the house, occupying the corner of the desk and the bed. She spreads over the table, reaching to the schedule book. And eventually, she settles down at the title page, where there is a motto: Stay Gold.


I was accepting traditional Chinese education in Shanghai till seventeen years old. Then I migrated to Hong Kong and studied the International Baccalaureate (IBDP). As I was immersed in the examination-oriented education system for so long, IB education was a great impact. At that time, I was confused and have retreated and hesitated. But I also tried and did not give up. Gradually, I adapted to IB's teaching style due to the solid foundation in Shanghai. In the end, I achieved excellent results and scores. This is why when I meet students who have just entered an international school nowadays, I can understand them more or less and help them adapt smoothly.


In addition, my learning experiences in Shanghai and Hong Kong helped me appreciate and understand the two kinds of education more deeply, in terms of their concepts and advantages. I also aspire to combine the advantages of Chinese and Western education, with integration and improvement. At the same time, through my learning experience, I also found my true passion — education.


When I graduated from secondary school, I chose the University of Hong Kong as my next destination. I majored in Chinese literature, language and culture, and education. In 2017, I completed my 5-year double degree programme (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education). Looking back on these five years, countless papers, long and short internships in primary and secondary schools had all deepened my love for the Chinese language and education. Now, I still remember the motto Stay Gold and has become a Chinese teacher. In order to improve, I am going to begin my master's degree in education at the University of Hong Kong in 2017.


The two-word motto Stay Gold is not only a beacon guiding me over the years but also my message to every student. As a Chinese teacher, I do hope my teaching will enable my students to experience the real charm and beauty of Chinese: battle and wars, tenderness and toughness, personal honour, rise and fall of a country, mountains and rivers, and continuous Chinese cultural spirit…


Another cloud drifted by…It erases the moonlight, but the motto will never be erased.