Staff Profile/Chinese Department


Vincent Wang

The first time I really felt the charm of languages was in my second year of college when I finished reading my first Korean novel. Through this new language, I caught my first glimpse of the vast and fascinating world of education. At a school in Seoul, I consolidated a number of Korean students’ skills in Chinese listening and writing within two months and was rewarded by their great excitement when they had finally passed the highest level of HSK exam.


Studying and learning languages is my greatest hobby. Driven by this passion, I have passed the Korean Advanced Competency Test, and I can easily communicate in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I am now learning yet another language and I hope that my enthusiasm can help me lead my students to explore the world of languages freely.


I received a master’s degree in linguistics at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and got a diploma in education at the University of Hong Kong. In addition to my professional knowledge of teaching, I keep the habit of learning and reflection. After working for a few years in a Hong Kong DSS school, I moved on to an international school. These two different job experiences have given me the opportunity to see the applications of traditional ideas and innovations in education and the similarities and differences between local and international courses. I observe how different teaching methods can have a profound impact on teachers and children alike. I now balance my teaching with a combination of the advantages coming from both sides. In addition to knowledge required for exams, I want to help children to develop good learning and reading habits, to build their own language skills, and to experience and to express the joy of life through the medium of language.


In addition to teaching language, supporting students’ healthy growth as independent individuals has become one of the most important responsibilities in my education career. As a scout leader, I travelled and communicated extensively with students, helping and encouraging them when designing themed summer camps and when visiting Taiwan, Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places. Students also had to carry out a variety of camping activities, sharing these memorable experiences with each other. I remember once, in the middle of the camp, I sat outside the tents to console and chat with the children that could not sleep, and the students said, “I feel safe.” This is one of the happiest memories of my teaching career.


I hope that through the primary school stage of their study, my students can become happy, responsible learners with a willingness to share.