Staff Profile/Chinese Department


Linda Yu

Principal of Primary Section

Unwittingly, I have already worked as a primary school teacher for more than 20 years.


During that period of time, I have taught in institutions ranging from key public schools to large private schools, then moved on to an IB international school; from using teaching materials from People's Education Press or Beijing Normal University, to integrating and preparing my own teaching materials; from an ordinary language teacher to a well experienced PYP teacher and syllabus manager. The teaching journey was not easy. I have experienced distress and confusion along the way, but the joy and passion that comes from the bottom of my heart have always persisted.


I can hardly remember how many textbooks I have studied, how many high-end lectures I have attended, how many training courses I have participated in, how many class showcases I have taken part, how many essays I have written, and how many students I have taught...


During my teaching, I have endeavoured to build a solid foundation of the Chinese language for the students. I lead them to learn the pinyin "a, o, e''; I teach them hand-in-hand how to write the strokes properly; I guide them to appreciate the beauty of the language through passionate choral reading of the splendid classical poems…I do not only develop their Chinese literacy, quality but I cultivate their love for it.


The vanguard of international primary school education — IBPYP programme, has led me to a broader space. IBPYP inspires us to be proactive, caring lifelong learners. The inter-disciplinary approach demonstrated its unique charm, which has provided interest, relevance, challenge and importance of learning experience for students to create an inspirational learning environment, therefore allowing the students to explore and learn beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines, and ultimately be able to apply their knowledge into their daily lives and walk the talk.


Joining Han academy, I will utilise my knowledge and experience fully, together with all my colleagues, to extract the essence of the combination of Chinese and western education, to build and implement the international curriculum grounded in the "Traditional Chinese rooted culture, together with the global perspective.”