School Board and Consultants


Steven Zhu

  • Senior collector   Art & finance consultant
  • His root is in Jiwang of Yishan Town (in the East Zhou Dynasty). He is the 36th generation grandson of Xi Zhu (named as “Duke Wen”). Then his predecessor Wanwugong moved to Fengshan of Meizhou and he became the 24th generation grandson of Wanwugong.
  • Bachelor of Tsinghua University
  • Master of Zhongshan University
  • He was designated by Zhongshang Univisersity to go England to study finance at that time.
  • Trustee of Violet Sand Earthenware Research Institute
  • Vice Chairman of Qianhai President Club
  • Trustee of Ancient Port Culture Promotion Association in Whampoa ancient village
  • Head of Research Center of Temple Culture in The National SouthWest Associated University
  • Art & finance consultant f Tianqu Arts
  • Planning Director of Ximu Culture
  • Initiator of Gulf Culture, Art & Finance Forum