Our Facilities

Han Academy strictly follows the guidelines set by International Baccalaureate Organization(IBO) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Under these two international requirements for school facilities, we have 12 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 2 art rooms, 1 music and dancing studio, 1 library, 1 assembly hall and 1 indoor playground. The gross building area is 2200 square metres. On our campus, each classroom is equipped with a 75-inch touch-screen smartboard which is the most advanced one in Hong Kong. Also, we now have iPads for class activities, coding and programming, controlling robots and so on.


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Touch-screen smartboard

本頁檔案 | corridor

本頁檔案 | lab1

本頁檔案 | lab3

本頁檔案 | lab2

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Art room

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Music and dancing studio


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Assembly hall


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Indoor playground


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Aberdeen Sports Ground (communal facilities, outdoor PE lesson usage)