Message from the Founding Supervisor

It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to Han Academy, a school that aspires to embrace the best in both Chinese and international education philosophies and traditions, pedagogies and practices. The Academy has been established with a firm belief that each and every student is entitled to a truly bilingual education to foster his or her cultural identity and international outlook. Our School offers your child a unique opportunity to study in both Chinese Mandarin and English as medium of instruction. The proportion of each language as a medium of teaching is carefully managed, with a decreasing use of Chinese and an increasing use of English from Primary up to Secondary classes.

The School recognises the role of dedicated and knowledgeable teachers in the development of a child and in shaping his or her academic mindset. With a strong team of high-calibre teachers, Han Academy is strongly committed to ensuring their continuous professional development. Han Academy is led by highly-experienced and dedicated educators with strong background in Chinese and international education. Our favourable teacher-student ratio is adopted as one of the pre-conditions for a harmonious relationship and effective interaction, within the class and between the students and their teachers.

The School is initially established in a modest and yet well-equipped campus, with state-of-the-art education technology in place and in practice. Active smart boards, fully-equipped science laboratories, multi-purpose library are some of our campus facilities that provides a motivating learning space for our students.

We have introduced a special ‘Reading Time’ every morning, aimed at facilitating our students’ reading habits and strengthening their academic Chinese and English language skills. Our STEM education, which is one of the cornerstones of our education practices, is led by outstanding science teachers, and provides our students with a wide range of skills that help them build confidence when facing study- and career-related challenges in the modern world.

You are invited to come to visit our School, and to enjoy a tour of our campus, where you can meet our teachers and the management team. All of us here are happy to share with you Han Academy’s progress and plans, its vision and education philosophy, and why we believe Han Academy is the right school for your child.

Your child’s happiness, development and academic progress are the highest priorities at Han Academy – a Chinese school for everyone with any cultural background.


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Ms. Xu Li, Founding Supervisor