Reading event to foster patriotism among HK students

A book-reading event was held in Hong Kong on Saturday to foster in local students patriotism and a sense of national identity.


Titled “70 years and 70 cities”, the event has been hosted in more than 70 cities across the nation before finally being landing at the Han Academy in Hong Kong.


Plenty of books introducing the nation are on offer at the academy.


“We would like to use the campus as a platform to popularize these books. We welcome students to come here to know more about China,” said Xu Li, president of Happy Life Education Foundation Limited.


About 300 Hong Kong students and their parents attended the event, which also marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


The book Here Is China is the theme book of the event.


It was donated by Chen Lin, director general of Youth Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to Han Academy. He also donated to the academy discs that recorded the PLA military parade. He hoped students would enjoy reading and learn more about the China’s history through the book and discs.


Students from Han Academy recited the poem Song of Seven Sons - Hong Kong during the event. A knowledge contest about China’s history was also held.


Zhang Haokai, 12, one of the participants, said that he is proud to have grown up in China, “This reading event help us cultivate patriotic emotion and have a closer relationship with the motherland.”


The event has attracted more than 250 institutions from across the country. A total of around 120 activities had been held.


The 6th National Conference of Book Reading Organizations will be held in Beijing in December by Federation of Reading Organizations of Taofen Foundation of China.