Career Opportunities

Han Academy is a very unique bilingual school with very strong emphasis on Chinese language and culture. It was founded by Happy Life Education Foundation. It achieved its legal education license from Hong Kong Education Bureau on July 3rd, 2017 and Cambridge Curriculum authorization on August 4th, 2017. It also achieves its IB Diploma Candidacy status on September 1st, 2017. All these have shown that the School is fast developing and has a promising future in the education landscape in Hong Kong. For the academic year 2018-19, the School provides full time International Cambridge Curriculum to students from Y1 to Y12 in primary and secondary section. The School now invites applications in the following areas. Only the shortlisted candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview. All the information and personal data collected are for recruitment purposes only and are treated as highly confidential.


Please state the job you apply for and send your resume to:


Teaching Staff——


本頁檔案 | For teaching staff


Teacher of Mathematics

Job Descriptions:

  • Planning lessons and sequences of lessons in Primary 1-3 Mathematics.
  • Using a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and learning as well as classroom management.
  • Using flexible groupings and structured inquiry to deliver high quality lessons.
  • Maintaining a well-organized and stimulating learning environment.
  • Using a range of assessment and reporting methods that show student’s achievement in relation to learning objectives.
  • Providing clear and constructive feedback to students, their parents and caregivers.


  • Bachelor Degree in Education or in Math related subjects with PGCE/PGDE
  • At least 3 years lower primary teaching experience within a recognized educational organization
  • A high level of fluency in English and Mandarin
  • Experience with Special Education Needs students is preferable
  • 2 years or above IBDP experience highly advantageous


Teacher of Sciences

Job Descriptions:

  • Teaching Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) at IGCSE level as well as lower years.
  • Preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities.
  • Marking work, giving appropriate feedback and maintaining records of students' progress and development.
  • Researching on new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge, and devising and writing new curriculum materials.
  • Selecting and using a range of different learning resources and equipment.
  • Planning and guiding laboratory activities.
  • Preparing students for qualifications and external examinations. 


  • Bachelor Degree in Education or in Science related subjects with PGCE/PGDE
  • At least 3 years teaching experience within a recognized educational organization
  • Native English Speaker
  • Experience with Special Education Needs students is preferable
  • 2 years or above IBDP experience highly advantageous


Teacher of English

Job Descriptions:

We would like to appoint an enthusiastic, qualified and experienced teacher with proven success in teaching English at Secondary school level.


  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor Degree in Education or in English related subjects with PGCE/PGDE
  • Able to teach English as a second language
  • Fully qualified and experienced
  • Passionate about the subject and about communicating with students
  • Creative in the classroom
  • Willing to address the individual needs of students to help them maximise their potential
  • Self-motivated
  • Prepared to contribute to curriculum design and development
  • 2 years or above IBDP experience highly advantageous


Director of Creative Arts

(preferably with expertise and experience in English Drama/Music; English Native speaker prerequisite)


Teacher of Chinese

(preferably with lower primary homeroom teacher experience)


Teacher of Music/Dance(Fulltime)

  • Planning lessons and sequences of lessons in Primary and Lower Secondary 
  • Using a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and learning as well as classroom management.
  • Using flexible groupings and structured inquiry to deliver high quality lessons.
  • Maintaining a well-organized and stimulating learning environment.
  • Using a range of assessment and reporting methods that show student’s achievement in relation to learning objectives.
  • Providing clear and constructive feedback to students, their parents and caregivers. 
  • Preparing and organising term and annual School Event like Christmas performance, CNY performance, drama festival and graduation celebration 


  • Bachelor Degree in Education or in Creative Arts related subjects with PGCE/PGDE
  • At least 3 years  primary teaching experience within a recognized educational organization
  • A high level of fluency in English and Mandarin
  • Experience with Special Education Needs students is preferable
  • Loving and caring


Teaching Assistant (3 vacancies)

Job Descriptions:

The major duties of the Teaching Assistants are to help homeroom teachers and subject teachers carry out their work on homeroom management and subject teaching in lower primary.


  • University graduates or above
  • Fluency in both spoken and written English
  • Good IT skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passionate about teaching
  • Patient and caring
  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Experience with lower primary students is preferable
  • Experience in international school setting is an advantage
  • Experience with SEN students is preferable 




本頁檔案 | For Leadership 

Vice Principal 

 (Responsible to Principal, for other potential branch schools)



You will be a highly experienced and inspirational teacher with the vision to assist the Principal in leading the development of the school. You will play an important role as member of the Senior Leadership Team.


The performance of all the duties and responsibilities shown below will be under the reasonable direction of the Principal if appropriate, who will be mindful of his/her duty to ensure that the employee has a reasonable workload and sufficient support to carry out the duties of the post.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Qualified experienced and able classroom practitioner
  • Have experience across more than one Key Stage
  • Up to date knowledge of International Curriculum requirements and expectations
  • Evidence of Continuing Professional Development
  • Good communication and strong organisational skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Good I.C.T. skills
  • High quality written English

Personal Characteristics:

  • To care about children and to prioritise the safeguarding of them
  • Capacity to think strategically
  • Able to be diplomatic, trustworthy and a sounding board for the Principal
  • Able to show initiative, to lead from the front and by example
  • Able to inspire and be part of a dynamic team
  • Able to delegate
  • Able to build working relationships with colleagues, whilst still maintaining a professional distance befitting the importance of this role, by being authoritative but empathetic
  • Able to work to deadlines and to see task through to completion
  • Able to prioritise effectively and balance competing pressures
  • To be calm and patient when others around you are not so
  • Able to embrace change and manage it successfully
  • Be committed to equality and high standards

Job Description:

The Deputy Principal is responsible to the Principal and deputises for him/her. In the absence of the Principal, the Deputy Principal shall assume responsibility.



  • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Deputy Principal will make a major contribution to the leadership and organisation of the whole school, working to develop a shared vision of the strategic direction of the school and contributing to the identification of priorities for development.

Acting as a conduit between the Principal and the Staff:

  • Considerable diplomacy is needed when dealing with delicate situations. Above all, it is vital that the Deputy Principal has a strong relationship with the Principal, but is approachable to parents, pupils, and, importantly, colleagues
  • Maintain a high profile around the school, e.g. at break times in the staff room, at lunchtime in the dining area, at school events


  • Ensure that all matters relating to role and responsibilities are communicated regularly, efficiently and effectively to the Principal, staff, parents, and pupils as necessary, through formal and informal processes
  • Communicate and maintain good relationships with parents, and help to ensure that correct policy and procedure is carried out with respect to social events


  • Set clear expectations of behaviour and discipline around the school
  • Be seen to follow up disobedience/transgressions
  • Liaise with Principal and Class Teachers on matters of policy and practice relating to discipline and sanctions

Routine organisation and smooth running of the school:

  • Liaise with the Principal over weekly and daily routines
  • Timetable cover for absent colleagues
  • Liaise with staff and oversee organisation of extra-curricular lunchtime and after school activities and clubs
  • Have an overview of fixture and events programme for the school calendar
  • Co-ordination of school visits
  • Oversee, with the Principal, planning and organisation of school events including liaising with the Administration team as necessary
  • Liaise with the Principal regarding school assessments
  • Oversee supervision arrangements for regular school activities
  • Help monitor tidiness and general appearance of the school

Academic: standards and delivery of the curriculum

  • With the Principal, take responsibility for academic standards, delivery of the curriculum, and the implementation of necessary policies
  • Map and track attainment and progress
  • Liaise with colleagues to ensure best possible provision of Learning Support – in class, G & T and one-to-one
  • Maintain the curriculum overview, both shape and content
  • Supervise curriculum planning – long, medium and short term and updating of Schemes of Work and relevant documentation
  • Co-ordinate baseline testing, standardised tests, external and internal school assessments, documenting the results and maintaining records
  • Prepare, promote, evaluate and review school policy
  • Assist with drawing up curriculum action plans which set realistic targets
  • Report and evaluate curriculum progress and discussing initiatives as and when necessary
  • Assist in monitoring, evaluating and reviewing classroom practice
  • Develop an effective transition strategy
  • Attend relevant in-service training and keeping in touch with new developments
  • Identify and evaluate training and development needs

Timetable and staffing:

  • Assist the Principal with the planning and organising of the school timetable
  • Monitor the induction of all new members of teaching staff and the induction of international curriculum as required
  • Co-ordinate and record staff PD

Development Planning:

  • Work with the Principal on school development planning, monitoring, review and evaluation

Exercises of particular duties:

  • Perform any reasonable duties as requested by the Principal


Key Stage Leader

 (Accountable to Principal)


Main Responsibilities:

Teaching and Learning

  • To deliver outstanding teaching and learning and therefore help students achieve excellent academic results.
  • To lead teaching and learning in the Key Stage in order to raise standards, in particular by acting as a role model for outstanding practice.
  • To coach and mentor staff in becoming at least consistently good teachers in order to drive up standards across the phase.
  • To coach and mentor teachers to develop their expertise in planning, preparation, delivery, assessment, target-setting and use of data.
  • To provide a nurturing classroom and school environment that helps students to develop as learners.
  • Take a lead role on improving teaching & learning across the phase.
  • To help to maintain discipline across the whole school.
  • To contribute to the effective working of the school.
  • To provide best practice in implementing school policies, sharing these with colleagues and monitoring their implementation across the phase to bring about school improvement.
  • To share good practice through demonstration lessons and team teaching to ensure all teaching is consistently good.
  • To keep fully abreast of new initiatives and ideas in curriculum development.

In addition to those professional responsibilities which are common to all classroom teachers in the School, the post holder’s key accountability will be for raising the standards of teaching, learning and attainment for pupils across a key stage.


Specific Responsibilities:


  • To assist the Senior Leadership Team in the formulation and implementation of the School Development Plan in order to raise standards across the school.
  • To take the lead in the implementation of an agreed key area of school improvement, delegating as appropriate, monitoring progress and reporting regularly to the Leadership Team.
  • To assist the S.L.T. in ensuring the delivery of high quality teaching and learning across the school.
  • To lead regular meetings to examine standards of attainment within the Key Stage through an analysis of relevant data and samples of work.
  • To actively support and encourage all staff, providing advice, praise and assistance as appropriate to maintain the high standards expected within the school.
  • To provide leadership for all staff and pupils, being visible and proactive in all matters of behaviour and expectation and clearly articulating the strategic direction in which the school is moving.
  • To foster an atmosphere of trust and care in order to generate a corporate attitude and a climate of security within the school.
  • To lead regular meetings of year/phase teaching staff.
  • To meet regularly with the S.L.T. to discuss the progress of the Key Stage/School Development.
  • To uphold and promote the ethos, aims and policies of the school.
  • To work with other relevant teachers in areas of key responsibility to impact positively on educational progress.


  • To assist in the organisation of the day to day running of the school in line with its aims, policies and values consulting with S.L.T. members as appropriate.
  • To use data to monitor pupil progress with a view to setting clear targets for school improvement and evaluate trends and progress.
  • To have responsibility for ensuring a high standard of pupil behaviour and discipline within the Key Stage.
  • To liaise with outside agencies as appropriate.
  • To organise rotas as necessary and ensure that duties are carried out effectively.
  • To take a lead in the organisation of concerts, school events, focus weeks etc.
  • To participate in the selection, appointment and induction of staff.
  • To assist with ordering of stock as agreed on an annual basis in collaboration with others and within the confines of the budget.
  • To monitor the use of assessment to inform teaching and learning.
  • To lead, develop and enhance the teaching practice of others through Performance Management Team leadership.
  • To be active in issues of student welfare and support.

Exercise of particular duties

  • To perform any reasonable duties as requested by the Principal.


Non-teaching Staff——


Art Studio and Teacher Assistant 

Personal Qualities:

The Employee shall be a competent and professional assistant in the fields of education and administration in possession of the following personal qualities:

  • Love, care and respect for all students under any and all circumstances
  • Highly capable of working at high-pressure and fast-paced environment
  • Able to follow detailed instructions to execute assigned tasks
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Task-oriented
  • Able to meet physical requirements, such as lifting, bending, and standing for duration of scheduled class time
  • Knowledgeable of cleaning and studio upkeep practices
  • Able to learn and adapt quickly
  • Able to troubleshoot independently


  • Assist in art studio upkeep, including but not limited to: cleaning, washing, organizing, stock taking, performing maintenance of art supplies, and any task pertaining to the functionality of any art space within the School
  • Assist in preparation of art material for classes, lectures, art activities, and any school program and events in which the Creative Arts Department is involved
  • Procure materials and manage logistics required for the purchase per direction of Art Teacher, or any supervisor by whom the task is assigned.
  • Assist in preparation of documents pertaining to purchase and maintenance of art material, supplies and art space
  • Assist in event planning and preparing of school decorations for school events including but not limited to: celebration ceremonies, themed holidays, outdoor events, outreach and group performances.
  • Assist in art classes and classroom management
  • Assist in any school duty per direction of Art Teacher, Line Managers and the Principal
  • Work with other teachers to monitor and foster holistic development of students
  • Perform tasks upon request of the Principal and Admin Department during Term Break

Preferred Experience:

  • FoH (酒樓侍應)or BoH (高客量餐廳廚師副手)restaurant experience
  • Experience as caregiver for elderly or small children
  • Event planning experience
  • Background in education not necessary
  • Smart, hardworking local resident or new migrants

Required Experience:

  • Any fast-paced/demanding work environment for 1-2 years
  • Fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and basic command of English


Director of Admission and Marketing

(English Native Speaker or high proficiency in English prerequisite)


Higher Education Counsellor


Role Summary:

To provide guidance to year 11-13 students to help them manage their subject choices in school, their career goals and therefore their university/college applications successfully.


Main Responsibilities:

Student Support

  • lead or assist in conducting group sessions and workshops in school to students, parents and staff and take responsibility for presentations on agreed specific destinations;
  • organise meetings and presentations with HE representatives;
  • take part in HE events within school which may take place after school hours;
  • conduct guidance interviews with students;
  • co-ordinate and monitor accurate data collection of school leaver destinations;
  • maintain contact and communication with HE institutions worldwide;
  • co-ordinate the preparation of HE applications to agreed destinations;
  • publicise and promote the resources, advice and guidance available to students in the school;
  • assist in maintaining Careers and Guidance resources;
  • organise visits to HE events outside school;

Leadership and Management

  • forge good relations with teaching and support staff;
  • attend school and departmental meetings as required;
  • take a lead on appropriately delegated aspects of department work;
  • manage, mentor and support assistant and trainee HE Counsellors;

Professional Development

  • maintain an up-to-date knowledge of Careers and Higher Education-related issues and developments on a day-to-day basis, and also by attending events in Hong Kong and overseas to increase awareness of Higher Education on an international level

Reporting Line:

Vice Principal


Minimum Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Certificate or Diploma in Counselling, Psychology would be a preferred credential;
  • Appropriate further professional qualifications would be an advantage;

Minimum Experience Requirement:

Previous experience with Proven Track Record in university guidance, counselling or advisory roles would be preferred.


Teacher librarian 


Role Summary:

To work as both an educator and an information manager with an understanding and a vision for how learning maybe supported by resources from both of these areas. To promote school-wide information literacy across the school and areas of the curriculum. 


Main Responsibilities:

  • Engage and challenge learners within a supportive, information-rich learning environment. -Evaluate student learning to provide evidence of progress in information literacy and reading. 

  • Provide exemplary library and information services. 

  • Evaluate student learning and library programs and services to inform professional practice. 

  • Provide access to information resources through efficient, effective and professionally-managed systems. 

  • Foster an environment where learners are encouraged and empowered to read, view, listen and respond for understanding and enjoyment. 

  • Support learning and teaching by providing equitable access to professionally- 
selected resources. 

  • Assist individual learners to develop independence in their learning. 

  • Appreciate and teach the appropriate and relevant use of Learning Technologies (LTs) and information resources. 

  • Ensure that the library's policies and procedures implement the school's mission. 

  • Provide exemplary reference and information services to the school community. 

  • Strategically plan and budget for improvement in library and information services 
and programs. 

  • Measure library resources, facilities, programs and services against current policies, standards documents and benchmarks. 

  • Function as a member of the school curriculum team. 

  • Collaborate with teachers to develop literature based reading programs and literature which supports the programme of inquiry which incorporate transferable information literacy and literate outcomes. 

  • Assist students to seek, critically evaluate, synthesize and present information. 

  • Organise efficient procedures and systems for delivery of services, including flexible time-tabling for use of the library resource centre. 

  • Help coordinate the roles and daily tasks of library resource centre, staff and volunteers.

  • Coordinate displays, special event and activities. 

  • Demonstrate practices that reflect current educational directions particularly in the area of language. 

  • Participate in the on-going development of the school’s Information and Communication Technology and work collaboratively with the Digital Literacies Coordinator. 

  • Expose students to a range of genres in both print and digital formats. 

  • Promote best quality literature and authors reflecting a variety of cultures and themes.

  • Use selection tools/reviewing journals to keep informed about current literature for children and young adults.

  • Employ strategies to maximize access to print and electronic resources. 

  • Ensure that the library resource centre is multifunctional and a focal point for student learning.

  • Maintain a well organised and stimulating learning environment. 

  • Make an active contribution to the policies and aspirations of the school.

  • Assist homeroom teachers, subject heads, student management leader, Principal and Vice Principals with the performance of specific functions 

  • Work closely with the Vice Principal and Principal to ensure successful IB DP accreditation.

Minimal typical education:

Bachelor Degree in Education, or Bachelor Degree in any subjects with PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education), Qualifications in Librarianship 


Minimal typical experience:

3 years teaching experience within a recognized educational organisation